World of Warcraft has stood the test of time, according to Twitch star Asmongold, and is still popular 17 years after its initial release. World of Warcraft was first released in 2004, and it remains one of the most popular MMOs to this day.

According to MMO Populations, WoW is still in the top three MMORPGs in terms of active player base. Asmongold took a break from his stream to explain why this is, as well as the one unique feature of Blizzard’s title that has kept it so popular for nearly two decades.

The streamer was on his secondary Twitch channel, zackrawrr, when he made a remark about WoW’s long-term success. He believes that a game’s fundamental gameplay is what makes it live or die, and that responsiveness is a huge factor. That, he believes, is extremely important.

Asmongold went on to say that everyone memes on WoW for good reason, but that the combat system is super responsive and really good. Even if you play WoW Classic, it’s still a fantastic game. That unironic Blizzard quality that a lot of people wish they had is the smoothness of it.

Players have expressed their displeasure with the game’s current state and the Shadowlands storyline, with Asmon calling it “garbage.”

Nonetheless, Asmongold believes that WoW’s solid combat and smooth design are the reasons for the game’s longevity.