After claiming that Elden Ring isn’t “easier” than FromSoftware’s other Souls-like games, MMO aficionado Zack “Asmongold” sparked a debate among his viewers.

Creator Asmongold may have started his streaming career with World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV playthroughs, but his Lost Ark and Elden Ring-related content has recently taken over Twitch. Having begun as a fan of the two fantasy games, he is gradually discovering more things to dislike about them. He even appeared to have hung up his Reduvia and quit Elden Ring at one point.

Since then, Asmongold has returned to the Lands Between and has openly shared his thoughts on the game with fans. He hasn’t always agreed with them, as evidenced by one of his most recent videos, in which he argued with fellow Elden Ring players who claimed it was the “easiest” FromSoftware game.

Asmongold responded to Kelly “The Act Man” Van Achte’s YouTube video ‘Why Is Elden Ring So Successful?!’ on March 20, and agreed with his fellow YouTuber that Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s “magnum opus.” It wasn’t long before the conversation moved on to FromSoftware’s other Souls-like games, such as Bloodborne and the Dark Souls franchise’s three games.

He then sparked a fan debate by saying that Demon’s Souls was “really good,” but that the problem was that it was “an old game” and “not that difficult.”

After that, some of Asmongold’s viewers began to argue that Elden Ring is the “easiest” FromSoftware title. The Twitch streamer who has completed all of FromSoftware’s games that are similar to Souls.

Asmongold acknowledged that some aspects of Elden Ring make the game easier for experienced Souls-like players, particularly the fact that it has the “most tools,” but argued that these tools might not make things so easy for the average player. “Having spirits is not that big of a deal,” he said, dismissing the idea that Sprit Ashes make the game easier.

When it comes to Souls-like games, Asmongold has plenty of experience. So he wasn’t afraid to express his thoughts on what he considers to be the most difficult game in the Dark Souls series. Despite the fact that Souls games are notoriously difficult.

Despite his reputation as a renowned Souls-like player, Asmongold has demonstrated that when reviewing a game, he considers all players, old and new. Given that half of us Elden Ring players can’t even get past the first boss, this is a particularly heartwarming fact.