On November 2nd, the Return to Aeternum event will be broadcast on Twitch, featuring an unique speedrun competition in New World with a few of the top streamers.

Four streaming teams will begin fresh in their own new start worlds on November 2 and compete to complete challenges over the course of the following two weeks, from November 2 – 18. The list of objectives isn’t currently available to the general public, but according to the New World devs, they “range from PvE quests like boss kills to PvP tasks and more.” A “friendly competition” is characterized as Return to Aeternum. Teams level up by finishing the challenges, and the event will continue until all teams have reached level five. There is also no top prize for winning. Teams of streamers compete to advance in tiers so that their audience can receive better Twitch drops.

The teams can earn the following drops for their viewers: the Lone Gladiator Apparel Set, the Studded Warrior Apparel Set, the Desert Traveler’s Set, and Baalphazu’s Hideaway Camp Set. Viewers can utilize the Return to Aeternum event tracker page to see which goals each team has accomplished by using the data for each set as well as the list of task names.

Each of the four teams in the competition is led by a trio of three captains and three co-captains. KingGothalion, MyMrFruit, Smashley, BurkeBlack, Towelliee, and Bajheera are members of The Trees Company.

Asmongold, RichWCampbell, Xaryu, Zickahh, Redbyrd, and BDLG make up the Bald and the Beautiful squad. Dhalucard, GippiGaming, TonTon, Zerator, P4wnyhof, and Pepp are Knights of the Coconut. Finally, YoDa, Spuleta, Rakin, Revolta, Jhoolna, and Aiai online are in charge of Shifting Sands. After the competition, all four worlds will be accessible to the public. Each team will compete in its own planet. On November 2 at 10 a.m. CT, the event officially starts.