Pokimane‘s fans can now concentrate on the things that really matter after a week of being embroiled in an internet feud – has she found a new love interest?

Many look into the possibility that Pokimane has finally found a man in her life, aside from that weird cut-out of Gordan Ramsey she likes to have in the background of her videos, in a move that had the entire internet typing “who is Kevin pokimane” into their Google search boxes at the same time.

That obviously isn’t his name, as that would be a ridiculous coincidence. Thankfully, it’s not one of those strange hybrid names given to couples like Brangelina.

Kevin is the new friend with whom Pokimane has been doing some recent live streams, and she must be dating him, otherwise, why would she sit and talk about video games on Twitch with him? It has to be love. Still, it’s preferable to discuss harassment and hate crimes, as has been the case in recent weeks.

Pokimane has always kept her relationship status a closely guarded secret. When you date Twitch royalty, you’ll be thrust into the spotlight as well. Disguised Toast, Corpse Husband, and Mizkif have all been rumored, but never had anyone with a real name. So Kevin could be the one. 

That’s how popular her stream is: 744 million views. Pokimane has been streaming since 2013, and we know we like to make fun of influencers and streamers on this site, but credit where credit is due, Pokimane has smashed it.

We don’t know much about Kevin, but if he’s anything like the other Kevins we’ve met, he’ll probably be fine.