Players in Apex Legends are furious about the state of Kings Canyon and recently demanding major changes to make the map less of a “nightmare” to play on.

Apex Legends’ first map, Kings Canyon, has a soft spot in the hearts of many longtime players. However, the first Apex Arena hasn’t fared well in its recent seasons, and many believe it could benefit from some healthy balance tweaks to bring it up to speed with the others.

Players may become enraged if the game excludes Olympus and World’s Edge from the map rotation while Kings Canyon appears on multiple playlists and many want Respawn to look into the issue by making changes to the classic map that will make it easier to play on, as this can happen at times.

In previous seasons, Respawn Entertainment has blown up and restructured large portions of Kings Canyon while those events pushed the Apex story forward, the battle royale map layout left a lot to be desired.

One user said JL snow said that on any map, you’re going to get a third party. However, on the said map, there isn’t much you can do to stop or stall the third party, and that the options are usually to be in a small building with holes all on walls that can be shot or go through, or B) to be outside in the open because there isn’t much else nearby.

Being ‘third partied,’ which means being attacked by another team while fighting another squad, is a risk in any battle royale. Players, on the other hand, are calling Kings Canyon a “nightmare” to play on because of its overall layout and building design, which lends itself to flanking.

Some say that this breakup has been a nightmare and that full pred teams hiding in houses, 4-5 teams tanking zone to 3p or hide (WE and Olympus are too big to allow this), plus the endless 3ps and added that they require a new map.

A lack of meaningful points of interest (POIs) that spread out the loot is also a factor.

There are only a few worthwhile POIs with high-tier loot for players to choose from, and things only get worse when half the lobby wants to go there.

Respawn has a habit of including map updates in their major Apex Legends patch releases, and some players believe it’s time to give Kings Canyon a thorough makeover.