Kick streamer Adin Ross talked about the current situation surrounding Memphis Grizzlies forward Ja Morant on May 15, 2023.

For those who don’t know, the latter became well-known after being photographed brandishing a weapon on Instagram Live. Adin Ross expressed his opinions on the subject, calling Ja Morant a “thug” who ought to be imprisoned: “Lock him up! He’s a thug! Lock him up! Put him in f**king prison! Solitary confinement! Put him in there! Put him in f**king jail!”

Earlier today, Adin Ross was responding to comments on his Discord server when he stumbled across the widely shared Instagram broadcast in which Ja Morant displayed a firearm. The native Floridian observed this and said: “Okay, I’m going to be honest, bro. Y’all want to know my take on this s**t? I’ll tell my real, true take. There’s two takes I have got in this. Two f**king takes!”

The 22-year-old personality claimed that Ja Morant’s “good friend” who panned away the camera after she showed the pistol was: “Take number one. First of all, this is a good friend right here. This is a good friend! He hid the camera as soon as he popped the gun. You’re a good f**king friend. This guy is a real friend, I swear to god. He’s a real friend.” 

He called them out and said that they had “accountability issues” after hearing what his audience had to say about the situation: “‘No lethal.’ No! No, no, no, no. Y’all have accountability issues. Stop being f**king weird. He hid it as soon as Ja popped up the gun. Listen! It doesn’t matter! Ja should not be holding a f**king gun! He’s worth tens of millions of dollars, bro!” 

Adin Ross went on to say that Ja Morant is a superstar and a role model for many people. Then he declared that because the latter is a “thug,” he ought to be put in prison: “Look, bro. Ja Morant, you deserve to… you know what I’m saying, bro? You’re a f**king superstar, bro! How do we look up to you? You know, it’s your second time doing it. And I don’t want to f**king talk about this s**t because it’s not my place to talk. But… f**k that! Lock this f**king thug!”

Later, Adin Ross explained that his controversial statement was made in jest: “I’m kidding (the streamer starts laughing).”