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Adin Ross Take On Morant Controversy

Adin Ross Take On Morant Controversy

Kick streamer Adin Ross talked about the current situation surrounding Memphis Grizzlies forward Ja Morant on May 15, 2023.

For those who don’t know, the latter became well-known after being photographed brandishing a weapon on Instagram Live. Adin Ross expressed his opinions on the subject, calling Ja Morant a “thug” who ought to be imprisoned: “Lock him up! He’s a thug! Lock him up! Put him in f**king prison! Solitary confinement! Put him in there! Put him in f**king jail!”

Earlier today, Adin Ross was responding to comments on his Discord server when he stumbled across the widely shared Instagram broadcast in which Ja Morant displayed a firearm. The native Floridian observed this and said: “Okay, I’m going to be honest, bro. Y’all want to know my take on this s**t? I’ll tell my real, true take. There’s two takes I have got in this. Two f**king takes!”

The 22-year-old personality claimed that Ja Morant’s “good friend” who panned away the camera after she showed the pistol was: “Take number one. First of all, this is a good friend right here. This is a good friend! He hid the camera as soon as he popped the gun. You’re a good f**king friend. This guy is a real friend, I swear to god. He’s a real friend.” 

He called them out and said that they had “accountability issues” after hearing what his audience had to say about the situation: “‘No lethal.’ No! No, no, no, no. Y’all have accountability issues. Stop being f**king weird. He hid it as soon as Ja popped up the gun. Listen! It doesn’t matter! Ja should not be holding a f**king gun! He’s worth tens of millions of dollars, bro!” 

Adin Ross went on to say that Ja Morant is a superstar and a role model for many people. Then he declared that because the latter is a “thug,” he ought to be put in prison: “Look, bro. Ja Morant, you deserve to… you know what I’m saying, bro? You’re a f**king superstar, bro! How do we look up to you? You know, it’s your second time doing it. And I don’t want to f**king talk about this s**t because it’s not my place to talk. But… f**k that! Lock this f**king thug!”

Later, Adin Ross explained that his controversial statement was made in jest: “I’m kidding (the streamer starts laughing).”

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