Adin Ross, a streamer, lost a $10,000 wager on Kai Cenat’s choice of Ryan Garcia over Gervonta Davis.

Prior to the hotly anticipated bout, which saw Ryan Garcia lose in the seventh round after being knocked out, the top Kick streamer placed the wager. Adin claimed that he was “scamming” Kai and refusing to hand up the money after the altercation. Adin did, however, give in and make the payment when they finally met. 

Kai was included in a video that Adin Ross uploaded on Instagram about his lost wager after the fight and captioned, “Kai, I’m scamming you. Come get your money back. I don’t care, I’m mad as f*ck. He didn’t really get knocked out, he just took the knee bro. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen in my life. I’m scamming you, one hundred thousand percent. I’m not even joking.”

Kai Cenat, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, swiftly reacted in his own Instagram post by saying: “Adin, I’m pulling up on you right now. You better give me your bread ASAP. I’m not even playing with you. If this next clip is not you handing me my money, it’s up.”

When the two streamers finally met, Adin gave Kai the money in cash while making fun of the situation and calling Kai “weird as f*ck.” Since Kai’s expulsion from the streaming service, the two streamers have frequently discussed the idea of him switching to Kick, a rival site that Adin actively promotes. They have maintained strong relations since Adin left Twitch.