Adin Ross, a controversial figure, reopened his feud with political streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” on May 30, 2023, after coming clean about having copyrighted the latter’s YouTube channel.

After removing HasanAbi’s video, Ross declared that he had “won” and gained money. He continued by suggesting that the Twitch streamer could only get the money back by suing him, adding: “Hasan’s video is taken down. I won. Your video is gone, buddy, and I got all your money from it. Sue me, it’s the only way to get your video back up. I won. Told you guys that I had something up the sleeve. Hasan come back, get back, bro! You had your video with all my socials on it.”

Adin Ross used the chance to announce his victory one hour and a half into his program. The streamer disclosed that he has sent another DMCA strike against HasanAbi’s YouTube channel after checking the situation. Adin Ross asserted that the Turkish-American content creator had shown his social media handles in the video. “You got easy clapped. OMEGALUL, POGGERS (Twitch emotes). F**k you, up yours, buddy.”

The permanently banned Twitch streamer commented on HasanAbi’s $6 million home, saying: “You live in a $6 million crib and preach equality. How about you sell your crib and move into something a little bit more, you know, equality? Okay? You don’t need to be living in a $6 million crib with six bedders, bro! Okay?”

Ross continued by drawing comparisons between his financial condition and that of HasanAbi, implying that the former and his audience are “wealthy” and able to “preach” about it: “I’m rich and I can preach I’m rich. So is my chat. We are rich and we f**k b**ches. (The streamer starts laughing) But, like, come on, bro! Easy clap. S**k a d**k. Bozo!”