After catching a delivery person eating one of YourRAGE’s meals on camera, the Twitch personality took to criticizing DoorDash.

We’ve witnessed all kinds of hijinks from meal delivery app drivers over the years, with some being heroes and others being complete losers. While some UberEats drivers have spoiled orders because they didn’t like the tip they received, we’ve also seen them genuinely help customers who were trapped on top of skyscrapers. A DoorDasher has now been revealed by streamer YourRAGE for delivering an order, leaving the area three minutes later, and then returning to steal food from an additional order outside of his home.

The streamer zoomed in on a “f**king loser” DoorDash driver as he entered his property to deliver cinnamon buns among three other orders outside his door in a video that was posted to Twitter. The driver went after placing the package by the door and taking a picture to prove delivery, but it wasn’t the last YourRAGE would see of him. 

Three minutes later the man was back, scanning the area before digging into a second plan to take a wing. “He takes one of my wings from Papa Johns!” YourRAGE sneered. “What the f**k?!”

DoorDash was mentioned in the tweet, but the company’s account hasn’t commented on the issue despite the question about why drivers were stealing his food. It’s unclear if they have taken any action to resolve the issue. YourRAGE is not the first streamer to whom this has occurred. Amouranth, a Twitch and OnlyFans celebrity, famously accused an UberEats driver of stealing her meal, but the platform responded by promising to address the situation. 

It’s unclear why YourRAGE was only leaving food outside his door in the first place, but maybe he receives a refund after apprehending a thief.