Kaceytron accused xQc of being “abusive” and a “manipulator” with his ex-partner, Adept. xQc responded by labeling her charges “unhinged behavior.”

Adept and xQc’s public breakup has not been easy, with many of the former couple’s issues being made public for the streaming world to observe. A lot has happened in the public eye, from Adept turning up at xQc’s house to xQc’s $300,000 McLaren being registered in her name. Fellow Twitch streamer Kaceytron commented on the breakup on May 1 and shared her opinions on a recent clip of xQc allegedly “downplaying” abuse that political commentator Steven Crowder was accused of on Hasan’s Discord server, Hascord. 

The content creator xQc’s “downplay” of Crowder’s claimed abuse as a “red flag” of his previous relationship with Adept in her reaction. In the exact same Discord channel, Kacey stated, “I don’t think xQc is a straight-up abuser. I’m just saying the community acts like the abuse in xQc/Adept relationship is one-sided when it is clearly mutual abuse. The way xQc lets the entire community continue on with consistently villainizing her is intentional and him being manipulative. xQc has used his massive audience to manipulate and abuse and harass Adept and done very little to stop it.”

She blamed xQc for bringing his primarily young male audience down a “incel pipeline” through his relationship with Destiny, whom she has also accused of abusing Adept, before even claiming that xQc had “abused and manipulated” Adept. 

Naturally, xQc immediately addressed Kacey’s remarks during his subsequent Twitch stream and called them “unhinged.” He said; “It’s unhinged to go publicly and say s*** like that. It is absolutely unhinged behavior, and it’s massively damaging for no f***ing reason. I don’t know why anybody in their right mind would do this s***, it is so stupid.” xQc would go on to say Kacey was just “baiting” him for attention.