Xokas has returned to Twitch with the title “I’M BACK” and to the beat of the song La Mision (by Arma Blanca). The controversy over the Galician streamer’s secondary accounts, which he used to insult his critics on social media, erupted in mid-March, and after a week away from streamers and social media, ElXokas has returned!

Xokas’ first words upon his return to Twitch were “I’m back, Whores!”. The first hour of his stream was used by the streamer to defend himself against all of the accusations that had been leveled against him for days, as well as to explain again the tweets that the creator had dedicated to fake accounts.

Over a hundred thousand people have gathered to hear Xokas speak on his return to the purple platform. Twitch has relived the voice of the Galician creator when The Mission is over: “What’s up, guys?” How are you doing? Good afternoon, and welcome to another super stream in the afternoon. How are you doing? How are you doing? ”.

How could it be otherwise, since all of ElXokas’ secondary Twitter accounts were discovered, he’s started commenting on everything that’s happened in the last few weeks.

During his Twitch stream, Xokas made a comment and asked for some empathy.

ElXokas, rather than avoiding the most contentious issues, has sought to confront them head-on, including seeking professional help for his obsession.

ElXokas has also returned to streaming using memes on his secondary accounts, which has surprised a large portion of the community.