With the drama surrounding Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends has been getting more attention and love from Twitch streamers but unfortunately, some users dug up data that suggests that hackers are also switching up from Warzone to Apex.

Warzone’s prominent problem over the past few months was because of the overwhelming number of hackers and cheaters and now, Apex Legends, a game that is known for less hacking issues, has now become a refuge from the former players of Warzone who’s been frustrated by the game because of it’s rising number of hackers.

Many popular streamers like NICKMERCS are now switching to Apex Legends from Warzone. The attention the game’s getting is great but hackers are also getting the news, but some assumed that popular Warzone streamers are also the reason why hackers are switching also because according to Google’s search data, queries like “Apex Legends Aimbot” are now surging.

Some say that Warzone streamers are not to blame for the increase of hackers since they don’t control their viewers. Also, people can’t assume that more searches of it will mean that more hackers in-game since Apex Legends is known for their good and better history of preventing cheaters compared to Warzone.

As of now, only time will tell if hackers will also dominate another video game but for now, the devs of Apex Legends are keeping their eye out and making sure to extend more and better experience for their users.