Twitch streamer TheRealMoisesB demonstrated his incredible pancake flipping skills on his most recent stream.

Moises “TheRealMoisesB” Bournigal is a variety streamer and actor. He streams video games such as Super Mario 64 and Pokemon, as well as himself outside. In his most recent stream, he was attempting to make a four-layered pancake in his kitchen.

He decided to flip the pancake over without using a spatula to add some extra pressure while making this monstrosity of a pancake. When making a pancake, most people use a spatula to flip it over in the pan so that each side cooks evenly.

Moises decided to flip the pancake with a more difficult and impressive technique, tossing it into the air and catching it in the pan.

This method of flipping pancakes is common and a lot of fun, but if you mess up the toss or the catch, you might end up with pancake batter all over your floor. Moises decides that a standard flip isn’t enough and tries to rotate his body 360 degrees before catching the pancake, making the flip even more difficult.

He had to mentally prepare himself for the flip before attempting it, because if he messed up even slightly, all of his hard work to make the pancake would be for naught.

He spun around 360 degrees and dipped his body down to the floor to catch the pancake after it was thrown in the air. Moises leaps into the air in front of the camera after hearing something hit the pan and screams with delight. The pancake landed on the correct side of the pan, with only a small amount of batter spilling over the pan’s edge.

He sets it down and takes a minute to calm down after showing the camera his intact pancake in the pan, still pumped full of adrenaline and in shock that he pulled off the insane move.

Users on Reddit expressed their awe at the incredible move in the video.

TheRealMoisesB’s incredible display of skill, combined with an enthusiastic reaction, makes this an incredible clip to watch, and may even inspire you to try the move yourself.