Players in Halo Infinite have discovered yet another bug, this time with the ability to wipe entire campaign save files.

Halo Infinite has been praised by critics as a step forward for the franchise. The open-world campaign is a grapple-shot in the right direction, and the multiplayer appears to nail what makes competitive Halo so exciting.

Despite its positive reviews, Infinite is not without flaws. Bugs and glitches, for example, can make the game unplayable at times. There are, however, a few bugs that produce amusing results. A double-login issue that completely wipes campaign save data is one of the most recent bugs. It can also corrupt a player’s profile, making multiplayer modes impossible to play.

Dustin K demonstrates the bug in a YouTube video. This glitch, according to his comments and various reports on Twitter, is a widespread problem that is destroying campaign save files.

The bug, he claims, happens when the game detects two or more controller inputs. When a player’s controller disconnects and reconnects, or when they use both KBM and controller, this can happen.

A dialogue box will appear when fans trigger the bug, asking them to log into their Xbox account. The player’s data is corrupted when the player presses the green “Let’s Go” button on this window.

If a player presses the button and then loads a save file, the camera will move erratically. They will then be booted out of the game and their save file will be wiped. The corrupted file, according to Dustin, cannot be recovered.

This issue is also affecting multiplayer mode, according to several players. They either fall through the map or lose control of their camera as a result. Simply click the “x” in the top right corner of the dialogue box to avoid corrupting your data. The “Let’s Go” button should not be pressed. If you do press “Let’s Go,” Halo Infinite will close and relaunch. You won’t lose any of your saved data, and you’ll be able to play multiplayer as usual.

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