T-Pain comes from a time when the Billboard charts were not influenced by streaming numbers, and success wasn’t as simple as having a viral hit. His debut album, the gold-certified Rappa Ternt Sanga, was released in 2005, and he’s been a part of the music industry’s evolution for the past 16 years.

Tallahassee Pain spoke about today’s generation on Saturday (November 27th) and urged younger artists to think about their futures.

The way artists are beginning to believe that short-term fame is more important than long-term success is extremely concerning, and he strongly urges them to consider the future and generational wealth. It’s bigger than it is now, and it’s been said that many people hold a lot of lives in their hands, as well as a generation to raise.

T-Pain is known for giving advice to aspiring artists on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and in interviews. The Godfather of Auto-Tune had an epic meltdown on Twitch in July while tearing apart some recent music submissions.

He starts by saying that they know when the shit sounds like someone else’s shit because they’re in the studio like, and he asks for the number one record now, saying that they need to make another one of those and demand that they stop doing that and give him some original shit.

T-Pain, on the other hand, has faced similar criticism in the past. He admitted he went into a deep depression after Usher told him he ruined music by using Auto-Tune in his music in a clip from the Netflix series This Is Pop.

Usher was his friend, and he admired him greatly.

That was the exact moment, and I don’t think he realized it for a long time, but that was the exact moment that set me on a four-year downward spiral.