Twitch viewers were horrified when it appeared that someone was photographing Twitch streamer ‘ibabyrainbow’ invading a grocery store while she was turning her back.

During their adventures, IRL Twitch streamers have captured some shocking moments that have shocked their viewers. Some creators have shared some incidents even though they were totally unaware of them at the time and were only made aware of the issue by their distressed chat.

This happened to Twitch streamer “ibabyrainbow,” who was at the checkout when her viewers noticed a man who appeared to be taking a photo of her without her consent. IRL streamer ibabyrainbow, who has 633K Twitch followers, was completing her shopping at a self-service checkout when she turned to look at her phone and the camera.

Admirers saw a man walking by behind her who had stopped in his tracks when he saw her. He repeatedly pushed a kart past her before pulling out his phone and directing it at her. Then, shocked viewers began to flood her chat, alleging that the stranger had secretly taken a photo of her while she was turning around without her knowledge.

One viewer who identified themselves as the man in the video claimed that he was photographing her “shorts” for his “daughter” so that she could purchase a pair for herself. Despite the barrage of messages, the Twitch streamer continued to shop around the store for supplies for her 21st birthday party, completely oblivious to the situation.