The Snowpoint City Gym is the sixth Gym in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and it is home to Candice, an ice-type specialist. Snowpoint is by far the most difficult gym in the gen 4 games, with players likely spending significantly more time getting to Candice than competing with her due to its devilishly difficult challenge. It’s worth mentioning, though, that this is due as much to the fact that it’s a simple fight as it is to the difficulty of the task.

Players that picked Chimchar as their starter Pokemon shouldn’t have to do much in the way of preparation for the Snowpoint City Gym, since a level 48 Infernape should be able to defeat all of Candice’s Pokemon without the use of any healing supplies. However, some of the other trainers in the gym have Pokemon that are immune to fire and fighting-type attacks, while others have access to water-type attacks. In light of this, players should bring along a few extra strong hitters just to be cautious.

Thankfully, Infernape isn’t the only feasible option for defeating Candice; Ponyta (who, by this point, should have evolved into a Rapidash) is a good choice as well. Ponyta may be found on Routes 206, 211, and 215 and will evolve into a Rapidash at level 40 if you don’t already have one. Machoke and Graveler, both of whom can be located on Route 216, can also help. The only other concern for players is loading up on healing goods, as leaving the gym before defeating Candice is not recommended.

The gym challenge in Snowpoint City is possibly the most difficult of all the gym puzzles in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Anyone who wants to solve the puzzle on their own should be able to with enough trial and error, but those who want to follow a tutorial can do so right here. It’s worth mentioning that, unlike some of the other gyms in the game, the one in Snowpoint City will totally reset as players step outside. Players should load up on medical materials at the local Pokemart before entering, as they won’t be able to visit a Pokemon Center before facing the gym leader.

Those that enter the Snowpoint City gym with Infernape as their primary attacker may find Candice to be much easier to defeat than the gym’s other trainers. This is because three of her four Pokemon are vulnerable to fire-type attacks, while the fourth has low defenses and is thus vulnerable to a powerful move like Close Combat. Granted, the other three Pokemon all use Earthquake, but because Infernape is faster, it should be able to wipe out all three with a single Flame Wheel strike before Candice’s Pokemon have a chance to react.

Players that use Groveller or Machoke should have little issue with Snover, Sneasel, or Abomasnow, but they may struggle against Medicham because of their weak type efficiency. With this in mind, gamers may wish to bring a Haunter along for the Medicham fight simply to speed things up a little. Both Groveller and Machoke should be more than capable of outlasting Medicham and winning the battle on their own at high enough levels (mid-to-high forties).