Quackity got his start on YouTube by making funny commentary and voice-over videos. Quackity eventually built a niche audience for himself by being consistently entertaining. By 2017, he and his gang were fully operational; they participated in a raiding activity together, in which he and his followers entered a game and began performing the same activities. By 2017, he had amassed a sizable following and was well-known for frequently crashing Roblox with his fans.

Following that, in June of 2017, Quackity began posting gameplay. He also collaborated with a number of well-known content creators, including James Charles. At this point, he was even linked to Dream. He then started streaming on Twitch and creating various types of content.

Quackity’s fans followed him because of him, not because of his gameplay. He was a true all-around entertainer who did everything. And his devoted followers followed him around wherever he went at the time, his videos began to receive around 2-3 million views, and he was well on his way.

Quackity had over 1 million Youtube subscribers by December 2019 and had started a new series called Discord’s Got Talent. This series completely transformed his viewership numbers, as he began to receive over 10 million views. Quackity dipped his toes into the Minecraft waters in 2019 and joined the Dream SMP a year later.

Since then, Quackity has only continued to grow, and as of today, he has over 4.6 million Twitch followers and over 6 million YouTube subscribers, not to mention a Discord server with over 300,000 members.

Quackity is an incredibly entertaining creature to watch. His fame and viewership will only grow as long as he stays true to himself and creates amazing content.

This concludes our look at how many Twitch followers quackity has. Quackity is one of the best when it comes to entertaining the fans, having gone from being a small-time Roblox gamer to eventually becoming a member of the Dream SMP.