Pokimane and xQc are two of the most popular Twitch streamers right now. As a result, a collaboration between the two would certainly pique the interest of fans and they aren’t the only ones excited about a collaborative stream between Pokimane and xQc, as evidenced by one of Pokimane’s recent streams.

Pokimane could be seen dancing in her chair in a recent stream, visibly excited as she revealed the reason why she was happy revealing that xQc had requested to play Valorant with her.

The two streamers are known for having disagreements in the past about a variety of topics, including gambling streams. They do, however, appear to respect each other as streamers and have defended one another. It was only natural for Pokimane to be excited when a gamer as talented as xQc expressed an interest in playing with her.

According to Pokimane, she wasn’t planning on streaming until xQc asked her if she wanted to play Valorant and thought to herself.. And as a result, here she is returning to Twitch streaming after taking a long break due to mental health issues.

As a result, she might have enjoyed playing Valorant with xQc.

Pokimane later tweeted about how much she enjoyed playing Valorant, making it appear as if she enjoyed playing the game with xQc. Bothe streamers’ previous encounters have also shattered the internet.

For example, xQc stated that Pokimane was the most attractive streamer in the community while streaming with a group of other streamers, including his girlfriend, Adept. For weeks afterward, the community was buzzing, with Pokimane herself reacting to the video.

The two Twitch streamers have a friendly relationship, and fans would love to see them interact more on live streams.