After watching Andrea Botez’ recent IRL stream clip where a ‘creepy fan’ approached and bothered her in a restaurant, Twitch streamer Pokimane explains the reasons why she was afraid of doing IRL streams.

IRL Twitch streams are always home to some weird, wacky and downright worrying events. We’ve seen innocent women attacked by strangers, and streamers confront racist passersby, as well as lock themselves in graveyards accidentally.

Most recently, one of the biggest female streamers, Andrea Botez of BotezLive has found herself in one such situation, as she dealt with a “creep” at a bar that wouldn’t leave her alone, despite her efforts.

During a recent stream, Twitch streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane reacted to the Botez clip, and gave her thoughts on streaming IRL.

While watching the clip, Pokimane cringed with her hands over her face where it goes to the part when Andrea Botez shoots down the man’s continuous attempts to sit down with her at a restaurant. Furthermore, when Pokimane sees that the man had made a rude gesture after he finally left Andrea alone, Pokimane was completely stunned and disgusted.

She paused the clip, moved her camera so that her chat could see the rude gesture the man made, and replayed the clip. After watching the clip and showing it to her viewers, Pokimane went on to explain that this was the reason as to why she was afraid of IRL streaming as she already had bad and weird experiences. she says; “This is why I’m scared of IRL streaming. And I’ve already had bad/weird experiences.”