Georgie “Pokelawls” compared Twitch king Zack “Asmongold” to Keemstar during a livestream on January 1 because of his recent remarks regarding Andrew Tate’s arrest.

Georgie used the opening of his most recent stream to call out Zack for stirring up controversy after he compared Tate to Martin Luther King Jr. He compared Keemstar’s history of using harsh language in previous disputes involving the YouTuber to Asmongold’s latest remarks. Pokelawls even asserted that the OTK co-founder was now deeply despised: “Asmon? That guy… I don’t know what the f*ck he’s been doing, dude. I feel like he has become what everyone hates, like just become literally Keemstar.”

OTK has faced numerous problems as a content group in 2022. In addition to being a founder member, Amongold is also one of the most popular streamers on the website. He produces a lot of reaction stuff but is primarily renowned for his World of Warcraft and other MMO streams. He has talked extensively about Andrew Tate on his channel, just like other Just Chatting streamers and content creators. Tate’s latest media frenzy was brought on by his trending Twitter battle with Greta Thunberg. His subsequent arrest by Romanian police on suspicion of people trafficking only served to increase his notoriety internationally. Many social critics have voiced their perspectives on the subject due to the personality’s high level of controversy.

Asmongold questioned the validity of the allegations filed against the Tate brothers by DIICOT in his discussion of Andrew Tate’s arrest (Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism). He eventually compared Andrew Tate to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. after making a number of accusations. He eventually changed his mind after receiving a lot of criticism, but it did not stop Pokelalws from making fun of him. 

Georgie said to his audience that his fellow Austin streamer looked to solely be producing drama content after comparing Zack to Drama Alert’s Keemstar: “I feel like all he does is do drama. Like streams drama stuff. Which is pretty lame, I don’t like that stuff. I don’t like drama content, you know? Which I am doing right now. Like, if someone got canceled or something like that, imagine me going live and talking about type sh*t. Like, who gives a f*ck!”

Pokelawls did, though, state that the following was his opinion: “That’s just me though… that’s just me though.”