Gerard Pique of Barcelona recently revealed that he canceled an interview due to one of Xavi Hernandez’s rules.

Pique was scheduled to appear on the Spanish show El Hormiguero, but canceled the appearance after Xavi was appointed as the Blaugrana’s new manager last week.

The Spanish defender revealed that players are required to notify the manager before traveling, so he decided to cancel the interview instead.

Pique told the popular Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos that people have opinions because the media tells them what they want to hear, and that if they knew the history of what happened with El Hormiguero, they would know that Xavi didn’t know he had cancelled it.

He claimed that he had to explain to Xavi that it was El Hormiguero because he didn’t understand what he was talking about; he did have to explain it, but he cancelled it because he wanted to cancel it, because Xavi has rules that you have to tell him before traveling, and he preferred not to ask permission, and that’s it.