NymN, the host of NymN’s New Year’s Show, got a near-perfect score on GeoGuessr with a random guess.

NymN was chatting while playing GeoGuessr when he made a random guess about the location of a park in Philadelphia. He got 4,999 points on GeoGuessr for guessing a location that was approximately 236 meters away from the actual location.

He began playing GeoGuessr by attempting to identify a beach and a park with a bronze statue of Rocky Balboa. He noticed a viewer of his stream typing gibberish while attempting to guess the location. In an attempt to decipher what the chatter was saying, he deduced that the fan was either a bot or a troll.

He randomly placed his guess on Philadelphia as a location while talking with his chat about this so-called bot, and boom, it turned out to be correct.

Once he had locked in his guess, he was taken aback by the near-perfect accuracy of his random guess. He began conversing with his chat and even requested that they clip it for him.

Anton Wallén created GeoGuessr, a web-based geographic exploration game that was released on May 9, 2013. Players must guess the world’s location using only the clues provided in the game.

GeoGuessr has a close-knit community that can be found on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch, among other places.

A thriving Esports scene, as well as a community of speed runners and record holders, can be found on the site. On difficult game setups like No Moving or NMPZ, players compete for perfect scores (No Moving, Panning, or Zooming).

NymN’s random guess wowed Reddit users, who shared their reactions.

NymN began streaming in 2015 and now has 260k Twitch followers and over 10 million views. He is well-known for his participation in video games such as Minecraft. He’s also known for NymN’s New Year’s Show, a yearly award show in which multiple awards are given out for Best Streamer of the Year, Best Clip of the Year, Best Pepega Moments of the Year, and other categories.