Memo Salinas, the nephew of Ricardo Salinas Pligo, responded quickly when a young man asked him for shoes for his new job during a Twitch stream.

Twitch currently registers more than 7.5 million active streamers. However, when compared to last year, this figure represents a significant decrease, as there were over 9 million streamers in January 2021.

In that regard, the onset of the pandemic provided the ideal opportunity for platforms like Twitch or even TikTok to gain market traction. According to platform data, TikTok now has over one billion monthly active users, and Twitch’s streaming audience increased by 40% in the second half of 2020.

According to data from Amazon’s own website, with 76.5 percent of all broadcast hours, it is already the most popular live streaming platform in the world.

Since social networks and other digital platforms are currently booming, there are a ton of different types of content producers. Hence, Twitch is one of the most well-liked locations today, which protects some of the most popular streamers, including Ouronplay, El Rubius, and Ibai Lanos, among others.

Without a doubt, when we discuss Twitch or other platforms, it is evident that they are among the most widely used today by a large community, not just gamers, who make up their primary market.

In the era of hyper-communication, the communication tools provided by Twitch and YouTube are crucial, so it shouldn’t be surprising that more users are embracing the trend and contributing their content.

On a platform owned by Amazon, Memo Salinas, the nephew of the entrepreneur who owns TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Plego, engages in an interesting conversation with some of the platform’s slightly more than 12,000 subscribers.

Memo Salinas received a special request from a young man who, according to him, was about to start working during the stream or live stream on your Twitch channel.

This information was also made public through Memo Salinas’ TikTok profile, where he stated that the businessman’s response was prompt when the young man requested a pair of shoes for his new job.

As seen in the TikTok video, the businessman also made the decision to approach the young man, introduce himself, and actually offer him two pairs of shoes. The response from online users did not take long to arrive, and Ricardo Salinas Plego’s nephew praised it.

Undoubtedly, Twitch keeps evolving into a comprehensive content platform, and the online scene keeps demonstrating that virtual life is currently the big wager.