Frazier Khattri AKA Kay has recently been kicked out from an esports organization FaZe Clan after his involvement in a cryptocurrency scam scandal and now, he has issued a cease and desist letter to a YouTube investigator Coffeezilla who exposed him and the said action.

Kay was removed last July 2nd from FaZe Clan after his involvement in a pump and dump scheme cryptocurrency scam. He later on denied all the accusations against him last July 10th ano now threatened legal action against a YouTuber that helped expose the alleged scam Coffezilla.

A letter of cease and desist was issued to Coffezilla with a legal notice demanding him to take down all the videos mentional Kay and withdraw all the untrue and defamatory statements he made against the streamer in a public manner.

YouTuber Coffeezilla revealed the full scope of the said legal threat in a new video last July 14th anf he laughed off Kay’s demands. He said that Kay sent him a cease and desist letter for his SAveTheKids video and Kay saying to him that he caused him to lose millions in revenue because of it and also if he didn’t delete the videos, Kay is going to sue him.

The legal notice made against Coffeezilla says that if Kay’s demands aren’t met within 24 hours, he will be sued by the banned streamer. Coffeezilla doesn’t seem intimidated by the letter and joked that he, unfortunately, missed his deadline.

Also, rather than agreeing to Kay’s terms, he doubled down and refused to retract his statements against Kay and said that he won’t delete the video. He then instead went to reveal another crypto scandal Kay was allegedly involved in.

Instead of backing out, he even still provoked Kay and revealed more details regarding his involvement in crypto scams.