Joe Rogan has spoken out about the boycott of Spotify by artists such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell over his podcast, saying he’s “very sorry” and that disclaimers will be added soon.

In recent months, Joe Rogan has been chastised for spreading misinformation on his podcasts after bringing on controversial guests whose viewpoints on important issues differ from the scientific consensus.

This prompted a wave of singers to boycott Spotify for allowing him to do so, including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. They demanded that their music be taken down from the platform, which sparked a social media uprising.

Rogan has remained mum about the situation.

On January 30, he finally spoke out, saying he’s “very sorry” for the situation and that Spotify will add disclaimer messages to controversial episodes, which he supports.

He also stated that he intends to make some changes, such as bringing in more experts with differing perspectives on contentious issues. Finally, he emphasized that the podcasts are “just conversations,” and that as a result, he often has “no idea” what he’ll talk about until he sits down.

Rogan thanked Spotify for standing by him during the backlash and apologized for causing them “heat.” Spotify also confirmed the said news.