ImperialHal, the creator of Team SoloMid content, has spoken out about Taxi2g‘s Apex Legends ban for using the super glide exploit, saying that his fellow streamer “asked for it.”

When prominent community figures are found to be breaking the game’s rules, Respawn Entertainment is known for being uncompromising.

On January 13, they demonstrated this once more when popular streamer Taxi2G received an in-game ban for using the ‘super glide’ exploit. The exploit involves players climbing up ledges and sliding, causing their character to move at an unnaturally fast rate.

While not as bad as wallhacks or aimbot, many people have correctly pointed out that it takes advantage of an unintended mechanic. Respawn came down hard on that side of the fence, and the streamer was quickly banned.

Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, a TSM content creator and former Apex Legends pro, has now voiced his opinion, and he doesn’t have much sympathy for his fellow Apex streamer.

The 22-year-old claimed, among other things, that Taxi “asked” for his ban by blatantly exploiting a known flaw on stream.

Taxi has since streamed on Twitch, but this time he is playing Overwatch instead of Apex Legends. He hasn’t responded to Hal’s comments, but it’s clear that the TSM creator has little sympathy for his colleague.