The Code of Violence Challenge, which is now live on all Overwatch platforms and runs from February 22 to March 8, honors Overwatch’s favorite edgelord.

The challenge is in honor of a new short story called “Code of Violence,” which was released on February 21 and gives fans a glimpse into Reaper’s mind, no matter how dark it may be.

During this challenge, you can win a dramatic player icon, multiple sprays, and a new Legendary skin. Instead of his usual flowing black robe, the Dusk Reaper skin gives the hero a more tactical appearance. The skin gives Reaper an outfit that will raise fewer eyebrows when he’s on a mission for the criminal organization Talon, as it’s full of belts, buckles, and attached weapons.

The Code of Violence Challenge is set up similarly to other Overwatch mini-events. In quick play, competitive, or arcade mode, players earn one “point” per game and two “points” per win. The Dusk Reaper skin can be unlocked by accumulating 27 points over the course of the event.

The challenge includes Twitch drops as well. As long as their accounts are connected to Twitch, players can unlock exclusive sprays by watching up to six hours of Overwatch content streamed on the platform.

Though there is a list of featured streamers to keep an eye on throughout the event, drops can be obtained from any Twitch streamer playing Overwatch between February 22nd and March 7th.