Avalanche and Classify, two former 100 Thieves content creators, have now joined MrBeast and his YouTube crew.

Avalanche and Classify parted ways with 100 Thieves at the end of May 2021, four months after Mako quit ‘The Mob.’ The group formally disbanded a short time after. Fans who had seen the writing on the wall weren’t surprised by their departure from the esports organization. However, fans were left in the dark as to where they will head next.

Now, on September 25th, both Avalanche and Classify made an announcement that they will officially join MrBeast’s YouTube gang with Avalanche announcing on twitter writing; “We’ve moved across the country to North Carolina to make some dope content with some dope people.” alongside a photo of MrBeast cheesing.

Classify also shared his own photos with the YouTube sensation, as well as revealing that he would be working with the MrBeast collective on videos.

Class wrote on Twitter, “Happy to announce I was invited to move to North Carolina and be a part of the MrBeast YouTube crew. Super excited to live here and make some content with the boys.”

Years ago, Avalanche, Froste, Mako, and Classify formed The Mob, and they swiftly built a name for themselves in the streaming and YouTube industry until things came to an end in early 2021. After being signed by 100 Thieves, they became household names, even showcasing the org’s brand-new $3 million pad in 2020.

However, now that Classify and Avalanche are officially part of a new crew, viewers will be curious to see what their new work looks like.