The release of Baal in Genshin Impact was one of the most anticipated in the game’s brief history, and it did not disappoint. According to statistics, it was miHoYo’s most popular, despite the fact that Kokomi has struggled to live up to the expectations.

When generating character banners in Genshin Impact, players must make informed decisions. It’s a matter of conserving your Primogems for the proper character for free-to-play players. Money isn’t printed on trees, even for “whales.” One thing is certain: both types have been set aside for the Raiden Shogun, Baal.

The vessel of Inazuma’s Electro Archon leader was heavily promoted in the months leading up to its introduction, and miHoYo enjoyed the rewards.

The release of Baal was the most popular in the history of Genshin Impact, breaking records set at the game’s record-breaking launch. According to GenshinLab, Baal’s banner earned $33 million (USD) in three weeks on iOS, outperforming Venti’s release banner, which earned $30.6 million. With $22.7 million, Klee’s banner is the third-highest grossing behind Venti’s.

However, these figures are based solely on iOS income from the Chinese market, and do not include data from Android or PC. However, considering the average hovers around $14.4 million, it’s a good indicator of just how popular Baal’s banner was.

After the highs of Baal’s release, however, miHoYo was unable to match the expectation for Kokomi. With a total value of $6.67 million, the Sangonomiya Clan leader’s banner is the worst-performing of all time. Yoimiya’s original release banner is the only one that hasn’t surpassed $8 million, clocking in at $8.6 million. It’s also below the replays of Klee and Childe (both at $7 million).

While there have been some complications with her release, it’s possible that it’s because players were trying to save money after spending so much on Baal’s banner. Not only that, but forthcoming releases such as Ayato, Itto, and Yae Miko are generating a lot of buzz.