Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth is a Twitch star and one of the platform’s most popular streams and a recent discovery from fans demonstrates why.  

Amouranth has to be at the top of the list when it comes to hardworking streamers. After all, she has amassed a social media empire and earns over $1 million per month. However, some fans have been surprised by one statistic concerning her Twitch streams, which is the amount of time she spends actively broadcasting on the platform. Users pointed out in an image from Reddit that the streamer had been live for 25,338 hours, or 1055.75 days, since 2016. And here’s the crazy part; equals out to being live 60% of the time for nearly five years straight. 

Because of this, fans were understandably shocked. One person even wrote in reply; “What the f**k? That seems unimaginable and I do 8+ hours a day playing RuneScape.” 

Soon after, Amouranth posted the screenshot of the Reddit thread to her personal Twitter captioning; “Burn out? Nope. Burn brighter”. Burnout can be a serious concern for many entertainers or streamers who perform the same act every day, so it’s fantastic to see that Amouranth doesn’t have that problem. 

Some streamers including GPHustla have also chimed in as he praised stating; “This is almost my level of grind. We are built differently”. For those who didn’t know, GPHustla is known for being live on Twitch for over a year straight.