Amouranth is a well-known figure on the internet. Her phenomenal rise to fame, however, has not been without controversy. The model has been banned from her original Instagram account and has been suspended on Twitch several times.

Despite this, she has remained, but, as she recently revealed, those who work with her and form business relationships occasionally turn against her in major ways.

Amouranth and his business partner have a strange relationship. According to the hot tub streamer, she was in talks to be partnered with a brand and had previously seen other streamers work with this individual, so she trusted him.

For a few months, everything was fine, and the two collaborated constructively, but that changed when he sent her a message informing her that he would be visiting her city.

“[He] sent a very direct request asking me to meet them ‘for dinner’ in person during a regular conversation about work,” she explained, expressing her discomfort in light of global health issues.

“I continued the business conversation,” the influencer explained, “not initially responding to his dinner offer, threatening to end the deal if they thought I had declined his invitation.”

She did want to point out, however, that this dinner invitation could very well have had a hidden agenda.

“It was his reaction to my refusal to accept that made me want to share this experience.” He didn’t brush it off or let it go when I didn’t respond right away; instead, he called me unprofessional and threatened to end the partnership if I didn’t say yes or no to his unexpected dinner invitation in the middle of a business conversation,” the streamer continued.

This isn’t the first time Amouranth has been “abused” by business partners, and she claims to have a lot of experience with it.

“I’ve been in a lot of situations like this before, where you expect to be treated fairly in the context of a business transaction but are instead met with suggestive ‘offers.'”

She is tired of others trying to take advantage of her or other women in the industry, despite not revealing the brand or individual.

Hopefully, Amouranth’s story will serve as a warning to others in similar situations, preventing unreasonable requests from being made.