YouTube star Valkyrae discussed her love life and admitted that she no longer uses dating apps to find dates in her recent podcast.

One of the most popular YouTube streamers is Rachell Hofstetter AKA Valkyrae who has over 3.7 million subscribers. As a result, it makes sense that her devoted following would be curious about her love life. However, according to Valkyrae, she is currently single and enjoys meeting new people, but she’s not using any particular dating apps in her quest to find Mr. Right. 

Valkyrae recently claims that she has deleted her dating apps out of concern that someone may only want to date her due to her fame as a streamer, rather than because they genuinely like her.

Despite having a rocky relationship with dating apps, Rae claims that one of them helped her go on a successful date. However, she had to break up with the app because of her busy schedule. Rae also expresses comparable concerns about verified dating apps, which are only utilized by real celebrities and notable figures.

Although Valkyrae, one of the most popular female live streamers online, says she would prefer to meet someone naturally that just doesn’t recognize her out in the street, she is currently single and content with her life.