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Zoil Audience Spams Giant Emotes Of Forsen’s Face

Zoil Audience Spams Giant Emotes Of Forsen’s Face

Twitch streamer Zoil, one of the platform’s most popular personalities, had his chat filled with oversized images of popular Twitch streamer Forsen, making it impossible to understand what his audience was trying to say.

Zoil is a Twitch streamer who usually falls under the ‘Just Chatting’ category, reacting to the latest internet trends while conversing with his viewers. However, due to a slew of oversized images of popular streamer Forsen, he was unable to understand his chat during his most recent stream.

The average Twitch emote takes up only 122 pixels on the screen, making it simple to include multiple emotes in a single message.

This Forsen emote was very different, with the image taking up 960 pixels on the screen, making it impossible for the streamer and his viewers to read the chat. Despite this, Zoil seemed unconcerned, as he was laughing hysterically at the absurdity of the emote’s size.

The streamer then attempted to use his browser’s zoom tool to reduce the size of the emote, but as he zoomed out further, it became clear that the emote was much larger than he had anticipated.

He then moves his cursor over the names of the chatters, which could only be read with a magnifying glass at the time. Many redditors reacted to the video, with some attempting to explain how this massive Forsen emote came to be because this is a potential issue for future streams, Twitch will almost certainly fix it, but until then, it appears that the chatters will continue to use the exploit as long as they can.

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