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Yodeling Haley Down To Fight Valkyrae

Yodeling Haley Down To Fight Valkyrae

A TikTok star, ‘Yodeling Haley,’ recently made history by fighting in the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match at Creator Clash, and she’s already looking for another opponent.

Creator Clash has made a significant impact on the influencer boxing scene, which took place on May 14th, sold out all 10,000 seats in the Yuengling Center and over 100,000 pay-per-view streams. Overall, the event raised $1.3 million for charity, which was the primary concern throughout the ordeal.

Creator Clash also hosted the first women’s influencer boxing match between TikToker Yodeling Haley and Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx,’ putting this combat sports showdown on the map.

Yodeling Haley, wasn’t supposed to fight in the historic match. Anisa, a content creator and Creator Clash organizer who is also the wife of YouTube star ‘iDubbbz’ — one of the event’s main organizers — was set to enter the ring first.

Unfortunately, she suffered a concussion, prompting iDubbbz to contact Haley in her place… but it was originally Haley who had contacted iDubbbz. Haley didn’t realize how serious boxing could be at first, but once she began training in February, she quickly realized how intense the sport is.

Yodeling Haley fought JustaMinx in a historic match that rocked the Yuengling Center. She fought hard for four rounds before being stopped by the referee and declared Minx the winner by TKO.

This was a watershed moment in the still-emerging world of influencer boxing, and Haley was there to witness it.

Following her match with Minx, a slew of other female influencers have expressed interest in stepping into the ring, including YouTube star ‘Valkyrae‘ When asked if Haley would be up for a match with the streamer, Haley said, “Sure!”

Despite the fact that Minx won, she was full of praise for her opponent, who she claimed had knocked out her contacts. While Haley was flattered by Minx’s compliments, she admitted to being intimidated by her Irish opponent and is unsure if she wants to fight the ‘Gaelic Goblin’ again if she continues to box. Haley is unsure if she will compete in another boxing match in the future.

The TikToker revealed that her mother isn’t keen on allowing her to return to the ring, but she’s starting to get the boxing bug again a week before the event.

She says she learned a lot from her loss to Minx and has a better idea of what she’d do next time if she were to return to the sweet science. We don’t know where Haley’s boxing career will take her next, but one thing is certain: she has left an indelible mark on the sport’s history, and no one can take that away from her.

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