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xQc Talks About Moving To Get Away From Drama

xQc Talks About Moving To Get Away From Drama

Recently, xQc relocated in order to avoid Adept during the ongoing conflict between the previous spouse. But now that his location has been revealed, xQc believes he might need to go into hiding “for at least a week” until things settle down.

A tumultuous and extremely public separation between xQc and Adept has been taking place on live and on social media for months. Things have gotten so bad that Adept is accused of breaking into xQc’s home and taking priceless personal items like baby photographs and other cherished keepsakes. 

Not to mention that xQc’s address has received many police calls in quick succession, which only makes the streamer’s already difficult position worse. He’s thinking about building some sort of “encampment” or “bunker” to hide his whereabouts and keep to himself. Near the end of a broadcast that lasted more than nine hours, xQc mentioned how much of a toll recent events have taken on him and that he might have to entirely isolate himself. He said; “I think a good solution would be to set up a good encampment, like a good bunker, that’s, like, unknown. That’s what I thought I had here. But… I guess I’ll have to camp for at least a week, or maybe more, and then come back.”

While he believes he’ll be fine in isolation, xQc regretted feeling like he had to leave the community of streamers around him behind as he continued talking about the present predicament. He admitted he may need to withdraw to a “unknown” location for a while. “There are so many people, so many streamers here, dude. There are like 40 streamers in the area, and we can always hang out. There’s always someone to talk to and chill [with], I can just bike around and go see people.” xQc explained. “Literally, I can go to anyone’s house — It’s like a village here. It’s really chill. It makes me feel in the moment. Sometimes, that matters. I do this, everyone does their same thing on their own, it’s like — all doing the same thing, it makes you feel like you’re part of something. Makes you feel like you’re in the moment. You know? And I really like that. Now this could be taken away, just like that. It’s just trash.”

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