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xQc Reacts To Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

xQc Reacts To Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

Popular Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” was incensed by the cost of the forthcoming Vision Pro VR gear during his most recent stream, which was in response to the eagerly anticipated Apple WWDC.

The content creator was quite honest about his thoughts on the price and made it plain that, despite receiving a lot of floor time at the event, he did not believe the product was worth $3,499. Felix was following the 2023 Apple WWDC, which was broadcast live to a worldwide audience of computer lovers. The tech giant displayed some of its new goods, like as the VR headgear called Vision Pro, which is scheduled to launch in the United States somewhere in early 2024. Other nations will follow suit in the ensuing months. 

The headset’s estimated price of $3,500 was made public. Great hardware (and brand name) come with a high price tag. By implying that Apple employees were out of touch and calling the pricing “dystopian,” xQc made it obvious that they did not believe the price was warranted. “That’s dystopian! These people live on another planet. Holy f*ck dude!”

The WWDC was jam-packed with announcements, such as a new MacBook and an exploration of new MacOS Sonoma features, including the arrival of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Director’s Cut. The specifics of the new Apple Watch were also presented to viewers. The revelation of the Vision Pro came toward the end of the program. Last but not least was Apple’s take on the VR headset. Although Apple praised the headset as a groundbreaking advancement in virtual reality and announced a partnership with Disney, it seems the price may have put some people off, with xQc being one of them. 

The Canadian Streamer’s initial response to learning the price was to swear incredulously: “Holy sh*t dude!” xQc went on to blast Apple for what he considered to be completely unreasonable pricing, calling them crazy: “3.5K, these people are crazy!” His supporters seemed to concur. 

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