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xQc & Pokimane Exclusive Streaming Highlights

xQc & Pokimane Exclusive Streaming Highlights

A lot of streamers say a lot of things on their streams, and it doesn’t take long for their ideas or behaviors to spread quickly online. They occasionally even divulge information about themselves that is not intended for anyone to know or learn.

Recently, xQc insulted Pokimane, causing Poki to literally stumble in her stream. Both xQc and Pokimane may have had a very busy week. xQc seems to want to avoid his idea of doing more gambling streams after losing nearly $800,000 in a stream of betting last week. Now, he engages in more positive activities like watching cat videos.

He observes two cats eating in the stream—a ginger and a black-and-white striped cat. When they need more treats, the cats are taught to press the ringer. The ginger cat was able to successfully push the ringer and consume all the treats from the owner, but the black cat was unable to do the same.

The striped cat, whose name was Poki by coincidence, was bewildered by how quickly the ginger cat consumed his treats. This cat was quickly compared to Pokimane by xQc, who even added, “He glitched! What does he mean by Poki having this subtle shade?

Pokimane keeps playing Among Us in her streams. She conveys a strong sense of assurance.

What was to come next was either a shocker for Poki or rather a very awkward situation. Poki is killed by the imposter as she hides on the map. She also unintentionally reveals a Saudi Arabian sponsor who has already teamed up with Mizkif and Emiru during this stream.

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