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xQc in Rage Over Stream Sniper

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Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc lost his temper midway through his current Twitch stream, buckling under the pressure of a persistent stream sniper who kept trying to make him lose, calling them “sad” and “lonely” in a scathing diatribe.

Stream snipers have become a core part of the Twitch ecosystem in recent years, stalking celebrity streams in everything from Warzone and Apex Legends to GTA RP, Fall Guys, and Among Us.

When it comes to camera-hungry followers loading into their games for five seconds of fame, Twitch stars usually manage to keep their frustrations under control.  Occasionally, though, exceptionally egregious stream snipers push even the site’s biggest stars to the edge, resulting in outbursts of hatred and outrage.

On Twitch this week, it was xQc’s time to reach boiling point. 

During his October 27th stream, xQc ended with a stunning rage as he went back into Devolver Digital’s humorous party game Fall Guys. The streamer was having a good time when a sniper appeared in the same lobby and started shooting at xQc. xQc was first unconcerned and simply grumbled. 

He mumbled; “Holy… these [stream] snipers can be just so f**king annoying dude, just so pesky. They’re really just so f**king annoying yeah.”

But then the stream sniper wasn’t satisfied with just a few moments on-air; they stuck with xQc through numerous Fall Guys knockout modes. Lengyel reached breaking point on the game’s final level, completely unleashing on his adoring Twitch audience.

He exclaimed; “Okay, you’re done! Holy sh*t! You have no friends, you’re a failure… you’re a degenerate! Nobody likes you! I get it, you’re lonely, now you die. Just quit the f**king game!”

The Twitch celebrity then said as he exited the final level, “I can’t f**king deals with the kid dude. On my ass, the whole game, just sucking my balls like the whole f**king game.”

Unfortunately for xQc, the same Twitch stream sniper seems to miss the message. They reappeared just two games later, attempting to repeat the same ‘follow the leader’ antics they had used earlier. 

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