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xQc: Fifth Ban & Unbanned


Twitch star Felix Lengyel AKA xQc was recently banned once again for the fifth time and no one knows the exact reason why but hours later, Twitch decided to unban him.

As fast as xQc’s recent ban he was quickly reinstated mere hours after he was suspended. Many speculated that it was due to his complication with a DMCA but no confirmation if it was it. xQc is one of the most known streamers on Twitch, and his latest punishment only lasted for four hours.

On August 14th, xQc was banned for the fifth time and no reason for it was revealed. Some speculated that it was another DMCA ban because of him broadcasting Kanye West’s DONDA live event on his channel without the permission from Kanye himself. Despite asking for permission, Kanye West didn’t respond to him but still decided to stream it.

xQc’s previous ban lasted for a couple weeks after he broadcast another live event from hiso stream. The Olympic committee issued hikm a DMCA strike after he rebroadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Instead of apologizing, he decided to fight back against the committees of the Olympics for “unfair claim” and filed his own DMCA counter-claim to have his said strike dismissed.

As of now, xQc has still not shared the reason behind his recent suspension and many are now wondering as to what he did for him to receive his fifth ban from the streaming platform Twitch.

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