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xQc Accused Rust Streamers Of Cheating

xQc Accused Rust Streamers Of Cheating

During the most recent Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle III, xQc called out other Rust streamers as “boring” while also accusing them of stream sniping.

Drama, Twitch Rivals, and rust seem to go together. Some of the largest streamers on the internet have long come together to play the survival game, such as OfflineTV’s private server. But it appears that drama likes to breed from it. For instance, the Rust Team Battle round from April 2022 was shortened. And it seems like The Juicer is always caught in the thick of things. He has claimed that Rust streamers engaged in stream sniping throughout the event’s final hours, and it appears that the most recent Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle in May 2023 was no different.

In a video clip, he calls out Tabsy, a Team Willjum member and Rust streamer, for stream sniping by reading his own conversation. Watching the clip, xQc yelled angrily, “This is the cringiest s*** of all time. The entire enemy side is in his base, and his chat just emote spams Raid, and this guy goes into comms and says ‘are we getting raided?’ without even thinking and he just F1’s in the middle of a Raid.”

He asserted that his squad responded to an approaching raid more quickly as a result of Tabsy’s stream sniping. Even though xQc would later show the film to his colleagues, it is obvious that not everyone perceived it as stream sniping through his chat. An observer in a Reddit thread pointed out that in Tabsy’s video, you can hear explosions coming from his bases, which unmistakably indicates a raid. 

Another observes that Rust streamers frequently press F1 (which launches the Console) to view the casualties of a raid. But this wasn’t the first time xQc has called out other streamers throughout the event. On the first day of Twitch Rivals, xQc had already criticized other streams as “boring,” saying they were spoiling the competition. Additionally, claims of stream sniping were made.

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