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WillNeff Opinion On HasanAbi Vs. Alex Botez Boxing Match

WillNeff Opinion On HasanAbi Vs. Alex Botez Boxing Match

HasanAbi has finally compiled a tier list of all the influencers he’d be able to knock out in a boxing match. More intriguingly, he’s hesitant to face off against Alexandra Botez, an American-Canadian chess player and commentator.

The demand for influencers to fight it out in the ring is at an all-time high these days. Following Ludwig, HasanAbi jumped on the combat sports hype train and created his own tier system of likely matchups.

The tiers were determined by which streamers he could defeat, lose to, or refuse to fight. WillNeff chimed in with his thoughts. Making a tier ranking list appears to be back in style, but with a twist. Rather than judging streamers and influencers on the quality of their work and content, they are judged on their physical strength.

HasanAbi moved up to American-Canadian streamer Alexandra Botez for the ranking process after ranking Asmongold, Shroud, Amouranth, and Blaustoise in the “Would Utterly Destroy Them” category.

WillNeff wasted no time in pointing out how strong Alex is when it comes to strategizing, and even went on to talk about Alex’s glutes and why he thought she would make it to the 50-50 category against Hasan, which was hilarious. HasanAbi chuckled as he noted these observations.

Given Alex’s status as a world-class chess champion, she is quite skilled at devising strategies. As WillNeff pointed out, this could help the variety streamer in a boxing match against Hasan. Since Hasan posted the video, social media has been buzzing, as expected. Following that, fans are eagerly anticipating his next stream. While the majority of viewers appeared unconcerned about the situation, a few viewers praised HasanAbi for his channel’s low-ad density.

Moreover, during this amusing moment, the Twitch livestream was flooded with laughing emojis, which caused the chat to explode. While this matchup appears unlikely, it’s certainly amusing to speculate on the outcome. Overall, fans are enjoying the tier list content that has recently been released.

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