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What New World “Lacks”


While twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud thinks New World is a “neat” game, he believes it lacks something that other popular MMOs have nailed: a streamlined user interface.

So far, Shroud has enjoyed his time on New World. He’s not only turned down a large streaming kickball event to keep playing the game, but he’s also played it enough to know which weapon is the best. That doesn’t mean he thinks it’s flawless, though. He says it lacks an essential aspect that other MMORPGs have done well, namely a clean user interface, in addition to saying it isn’t “casual friendly.”

Here’s what he stated; “Why is my feed so f**ked? Just look at all this. You’re telling me this sh*t is good right here? You can tell it’s made for f**king thumbs, man. It makes me mad. The game is neat. I’m not saying the game is bad. I’m just saying the UI is lacking, that’s all I’m saying. The user interface is lacking. You cannot argue there. You just can’t. The game is great. It’s interesting. It’s just got a bad UI.”

Because it was not his profession, Shroud stated that he couldn’t tell them every detail about how it could be better. He stressed, though, that he “knows for a fact” that it’s “not very friendly” for mouse and keyboard users.

He feels it’s tough to trade with other players, it’s difficult to whisper to other people, and it’s impossible to keep track of everything in the chat feed since it’s just too clunky, to name a few of his gripes. Shroud admitted that it’s most likely something the developers would address in the future. Except, until then, he has no choice but to put up with it.

For now, the game’s developers have been working hard to enhance it, notably in terms of the high line times. So, if they do modify the UI, it might not be till they’ve resolved that.

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