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Warzone Pro Shifty Is Accused Of Hacking

Warzone Pro Shifty Is Accused Of Hacking

Call of Duty: Warzone pro Shifty has been accused of hacking yet again. The community believes that the streamer’s recent performance is proof of previous cheating after convincing him to use a new anti-cheat.

Shifty, a rising Warzone pro, has been accused of hacking on several occasions, the most recent being during a $100,000 tournament in early March. While the community was divided at the time, the allegations have resurfaced and have reached a fever pitch.

Shifty was asked to download FACEIT anti-cheat software and play games to prove his innocence after a new series of VOD reviews examining his gameplay surfaced. With no faith in CoD’s RICOCHET system, this new anti-cheat system was supposed to be a better litmus test.

Shifty’s play struggled to match his previous run of form once he was installed. His K/D and the number of highlight plays both decreased significantly. In the earlier clips posted by CoD editor ‘Jutedd,’ this convinced the community that he was cheating.

Jutedd, who shared a series of three videos totaling over five minutes of sketchy gameplay, first brought Shifty’s accusations to light.

To protect himself, the streamer agreed to play matches with FACEIT’s anti-cheat software enabled; his level of play dropped dramatically after he began using FACEIT. Shifty’s K/D dropped from world-leading to 1.59, according to former CDL pro Rasim ‘Blazt‘ Ogresevic, and ScummN went on to post a video mocking the change in gameplay.

ScummN’s video included several clips of Shifty struggling in situations that he would normally dominate. The streamer was temporarily convinced that FACEIT had disabled his aim assist, which caused some confusion.

However, the change in gameplay convinced a number of players that Shifty had been cheating earlier. Former defenders like fellow streamer ‘Wagnificent‘ reacted by saying, “It’s obvious he isn’t the same player after watching this wager vs scum with the anti cheat on his PC.”

Others have mocked his recent resurgence, dubbing him a “bot” after previously portraying him as the “best player on the planet.”

In response to the new, more serious allegations, Shifty has blamed his poor performance on “pressure.” He also promises to play every day with FACEIT enabled and for a chance to play in a neutral, LAN environment to prove his legitimacy.

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