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Warzone Overpowered Stims In Iron Trials

Warzone Overpowered Stims In Iron Trials

A competitive and hardcore mode in Warzone called Iron Trials is a game twist on a competitive and hardcore mode. While players regenerate at a slower rate, stims can help speed up the process, as one streamer demonstrated.

Iron Trials was only available for a short time in Warzone, adding a hardcore twist to the battle royale, but fans loved it so much that Raven Software brought it back. The game becomes much more difficult in this mode. Players now have more health, stuns are less effective, Dead Silence is no longer available, and other changes have resulted in a skill gap.

While regen is slowed in this mode, Stims are extremely effective, and one Warzone streamer demonstrates just how powerful they are.

Warzone streamer ‘Its_iron,’ was playing a normal game of Iron Trials when he and his teammates were in a 2v2 battle to win the game. He was in the gas during a gunfight, so he used his stim to help him regen his health. His stim kept his health bar up and he won the game, much to the surprise of many.

Even Its_Iron himself was surprised when he said, “I’m dead,” but as you can see, he never dies. The gas did a lot of damage because he was in the ninth circle, but the stim recovered his health at an incredible rate. This is extremely busted, even though it isn’t a stim glitch like we’ve seen before.

This could not only affect players in public matches, but it could also be used by professionals. A $75,000 Iron Trials tournament is being held on Twitch Rivals, and it will feature some of Warzone’s best players. While there is no indication that this will be nerfed, you should definitely include it in your Iron Trials loadout.

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