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Untouchable Sports List Is Leaked


Twitch It is the world’s largest broadcasting platform. However, October was not a good month for her because after the hacker attack, new confidential information was leaked on the Internet.

The “Untouchables” list was chosen this time.

A list of streamers who can avoid being banned if they break the rules on the internet has been published. Because the list is from 2015, it does not include the most well-known authors. However, there are some interesting nicknames that have been protected from account suspension. Tyler1 was supposed to be protected by the list. It works in conjunction with the Better Desk tool, according to The Washington Post. It was used to see if a notification was truly deserving of a ban.

This has resulted in some Twitch-branded creators being able to bend the rules more than other streamers. Larger people can avoid being banned when small or medium creators are banned for minor offenses if they are listed.

The “Do Not Ban” list was created to keep some people from being automatically banned, and the matter was then passed on to other Twitch moderators, who decided whether the creator deserved to be punished or not.

Please keep in mind that this case dates back to 2015, when Twitch was a different platform than it is now. Nothing but games were permitted to be broadcast at the time. The regulations were most likely based on the “no-ban” list. Currently, the rules are different – many live streams come from real-life broadcasts or a contentious pool swim.

In theory, the regulations currently allow for more while also lowering prices. Popular television channels are frequently banned as a result of a political blunder or because viewers engage in racist or discriminatory behavior toward minorities. Occasionally, due to the system’s overzealousness which detects a rule violation, there are exceptions, and the creator must contact Twitch directly to resolve the issue.

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