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Tyler1 On Ludwig League Of Legends Skills

Tyler1 On Ludwig League Of Legends Skills

After competing in MrBeast’s $150,000 League of Legends tournament, Twitch star Tyler1 hosted a gaming livestream earlier today.

While MrBeast’s team dominated the best of the three series, Ninja‘s team, which included Tyler, Sapnap, Doublelift, and Ludwig, was eliminated from the competition.

Tyler1 spoke in-depth about his time at the competition and his opinions of Ludwig. MrBeast and Ninja’s League of Legends match was a huge success, and viewers are still sharing videos and highlights from it.

Several of the participants shared their experiences playing with other well-known esports personalities after returning to their regular livestreams. In the opening moments of a recent livestream, Tyler1—one of them—discussed the $150k MOBA tournament.

The 27-year-old gamer shared his thoughts about his teammates and sought to explain why his team lost the tournament at the seven-minute mark of his stream. After briefly discussing the late League of Legends professional Voyboy, Tyler1 offered his opinion on Ludwig’s gaming prowess.

He went on to criticize the YouTube Gaming streamer, and when he inquired about Ludwig’s rank, Ludwig’s response astounded him. Then Tyler discussed a game in which Ludwig portrayed Thresh and criticized the gameplay and decision-making abilities of the creator.

More than 50 fan reactions were posted in the reaction thread on the streamer subreddit r/LivestreamFail. According to some Redditors, Tyler’s team should have requested Ludwig to play Yuumi in place of Yuumi.

One of the most popular League of Legends players and content producers on the website is Tyler. More than 9,850 hours have been spent playing and streaming the game by him. Currently, Tyler has five million followers and averages 17,000 viewers per stream.

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