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Tyler1 Criticized League

Tyler1 Criticized League

Popular League of Legends streamer on Twitch, Tyler1, has recently expressed his opinion on Riot’s decision to remove all-chat from League, claiming that it will lead to further reductions in in-game communication.

All-chat will be eliminated from League of Legends in patch 11.21, according to Riot Games. The news came as a shock to the community, but it is in line with Riot’s ongoing efforts to combat toxicity. In their blog post, Riot said, “We believe the tradeoff is worth it to cut down on the growing negativity /all chat has been created in your games.”

After this, on October 12, Twitch streamer Tyler1 went live and provided his thoughts on the new adjustments.

Here’s what he stated; “The problem I have with it is, bro, how rated-G is this community, and this company. Bro, you can mute the all-chat. On a fresh account, it comes disabled. You have to enable it. That’s the problem I have. So if you’re ever triggered by toxic chat, you can just mute it, and you’ll never see it again. So that’s the problem I have with it. Also, the second problem I have with it, them saying they are not going to have all-chat means that this game is 100% never getting voice chat. Ever.”

Tyler emphasized on how the elimination of all-chat will lead to the removal of other means of communication in League of Legends.

Tyler has long advocated for the addition of voice communications to League of Legends. With the absence of all-chat, it’s more likely that we’ll see the removal of modes of communication rather than additions, putting voice communications out of reach.

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