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Twitch To Introduce Pinned Chats & Channels

Twitch To Introduce Pinned Chats & Channels

According to a tweet from Zach Bussey, who typically tweets about Twitch news, the streaming giant Twitch may be planning to expand its user interface for both streamers and viewers by introducing pinned chats and channels.

Livestreamers and channel moderators could both pin comments to the top of the chat sidebar on the streamer side. The ability to pin one’s own comments or the comments of other chatters would be available to both streamers and moderators. As seen in the illustration, pinned comments will only be visible at the top of the chat for a predetermined period of time before it is cleared.

This could be helpful in delivering information to a chat that is moving particularly quickly so that the streamer or text-based delivery of the same message is avoided.

Users will soon be able to add their favorite channels to the sidebar labeled “Followed Channels” for Twitch viewers. Until they are unpinned, these chosen channels will always be displayed above other unpinned channels at the top of users’ sidebars. Users can currently only pin a maximum of three channels.

This new feature may help users quickly access favorite channels that may not be at the top of the “Followed Channels” sidebar, which typically ranks creators by their current viewer count.

Numerous features have been added and removed from Twitch’s constantly evolving user interface. The website has recently eliminated the friend’s feature and other similar features to make room for other highly anticipated features like pinned chats and channels.

It is only speculation because Twitch has not addressed this and there is no assurance that it will happen. We anticipate Bussey’s Twitch news to carry a little more weight than the average Tweeter because he is well-known for it.

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